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About Adrian Hitt Photography

ADRIAN HITT • dog lover + dog photographer
Adrian Hitt is a nationally recognized, award-winning dog photographer who creates modern, playful works of art. Her interest in dog photography is founded in her desire to celebrate and encourage the deep bond that develops between human and animal, parent and dog. Each photo session is completely different from the next one because each dog has a unique personality and set of behaviors. Fortunately, Adrian loves this art and has a keen ability to work with our canine friends. She brings her calm, creative and energetic personality to your home – to the place where your dog is most comfortable – and photographs the most precious, playful and intimate moments. The custom photography sessions are an invaluable experience that will forever capture the bond you share with your beloved dog. Adrian’s photography has been featured in Pedigree and Tractor Supply international advertisements and magazines including People, Professional Photographer, Nashville Lifestyles, Nashville Paw, Nashville Ledger and Nashville Parent. Celebrity clients include Carrie Underwood, Naomi Judd and Emmylou Harris. She has received numerous awards for her photography and design talents including the Professional Photographers of America 2009 Emerging Pro marketing award and first place in the Wedding and Portrait Photography International Animal Print Competition and numerous accolades of excellence. She is a five-year winner in Nashville Paw’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Her proudest moment? Spending everyday with the inspiration behind her career – Benny a charming, and perfect, black mouth cur rescue. Adrian lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her musical husband and enjoys good friends, clean design, book shops, frequent visits to the dog park and the ever irresistible puppy breath.

BENNY HITT co-founder and official treat taster
In September of ’06 things changed at the Hitt house. This rescue dog came home and immediately captured their hearts. In the beginning Benny struggled with some separation anxiety, but truth be told it’s his mom who struggles now. 😉 Benny is the sweetest pup you’ll meet. Doesn’t know a stranger (unless of course you’re gray with a bushy tail) and always wants to greet you with a hug. He loves showing off his favorite toys and will chaotically run in circles upon your arrival trying to remember where he last left his favorite rawhide so that he can proudly flaunt it for you. Not known to many, but Benny possesses super powers. He can outrun any dog at the park (unless of course greyhounds are around), sense when a dog park is within 1 mile from any direction, convince bank tellers to give him *extra* treats and play hide and seek (he always does the seeking). He has  32 35 nicknames, impeccable treat tasting capabilities, an expansive vocabulary, strong squirrel radar and is the best distraction around the Adrian Hitt Photography offices. Actually, Benny is the reason Adrian Hitt Photography exists. Leaving him behind 50 hours a weeks was just too painful. Don’t judge. Could you resist that face? 😉

JESSALYNN WHYTEstudio manager 
Jessalynn joined Adrian Hitt Photography in October 2012. She coordinates smooth operations behind the scenes and updates the blog on what’s the “woof” in the dog world. A Nashville native, Jess uses her degrees in communications and entrepreneurship to support creative businesses. When she’s not working, she can be found with paintbrush + power tools tackling home improvement projects, trying new recipes + crafts from Pinterest, and tossing tennis balls in the backyard with the main men in her life – her husband and their rescue dogs, Waffles + Rocco.


Dr. Griffith Haberveterinarian
Dr. Haber is a fifth generation Nashvillian. Dashing he parents’ hopes that he would become a “real doctor,” he earned his veterinary degree at Purdue University in 1972 and established Murphy Road Animal Hospital P.C. in 1977. With a heart for rescue, he founded Love at First Sight! Puppy and Kitten Adoption Center in 1995.

He has been a regular columnist for Nashville Pets Magazine and has written articles for Behavior Today, a professional publication.

Dr. Kathleen Inman animal chiropractor
Through personal experience with the healing art of chiropractic care, Dr. Inman decided her career. She is now a certified animal chiropractor who believes in the importance of wellness care and alternative treatments for animals. Dr. Inman runs Richland Animal Chiropractic and is available by appointment to adjust dogs, cats, horses and all other creatures in need of assistance. She also makes house calls! Her dog Sophie is the silly, fluffy, red love of her life.

Kat Martin dog treat baker
Kat Martin owns both See Spot Eat: A Doggie Bakery and Dogs and Kat: Dog Training and Behavior Counseling. She is motivated by a desire to provide holistic, healthy, dog friendly products to Nashville’s canines and their loving families. See Spot Eat offers homemade treats using only human quality ingredients. The bakery also carries holistic dog foods, toys (including great interactive toys), leashes, collars, gift baskets, and much more.

Katie Tucker dog trainer
Through 10 years of experience training dogs, Katie’s Dog Training strives to use her innate understanding of dogs to help families regain balance and harmony in their homes. She offers private, in-home training sessions so that you can experience the loyalty and companionship that a well balanced dog offers. Even though she has graduated numerous training schools, the dogs themselves tend to be her most beneficial teachers. She and her husband share their home with three wonderful dogs, Luka, Jazzy and Honey as well as a crazy cat named D’Angelo.

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