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Animal Rescue Corps Operation Freedom in Tennessee

There are times when I feel humanity is beyond repair. Moments when the darkness reaches too far, the brokeness too shattered and the evil too real. It’s paralyzing. If I live this, I sadly only perpetuate the problem. The human spirit is no doubt highly flawed, but there is always, always hope. We have the power, the gift – the duty to act. And that is freeing in itself! Always know that every decision we make, no matter how trivial, has a great impact on someone or some thing somewhere else in the world. It’s so easy to believe that the conditions in which our food was raised, our clothes made or where our trash lives has no lasting impact. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But those who know better, do better. And our daily choices can impact this world for the better or for the worse. It’s our decision.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


Earlier this month, Animal Rescue Corps stepped in to stop TWO animal hoarding situations in middle Tennessee. The conditions were deplorable, unthinkable and inhumane. Fortunately, there are many ways to help! They need supplies, time and/or monetary donations. Watch this short video to see the great work they’re doing and read this enlightening article by Nashville Paw editor Heather Dowdy to find out more! Thanks for reading and thanks for helping the animals!:)

Adrian Hitt is a nationally recognized, award-winning dog photographer who creates modern, playful works of art. Her interest in dog photography is founded in her desire to celebrate and encourage the deep bond that develops between human and animal, parent and dog. In her free time, she photographs dogs awaiting adoption at local rescues and shelters. Her proudest moment? Spending everyday with the inspiration behind her career – Benny a charming -and perfect- black mouth cur shepherd rescue. Adrian lives in Nashville, Tennessee and travels nationwide to photograph America’s beloved pets.

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