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Dog Photographer – Jaxie

Jaxie was an absolute ball. If you’ve been around dogs much, you know how much they enjoy having their tummies rubbed. Well, Jaxie wins the award for the dog who loves these the most! Amanda and I couldn’t do much without her rolling over and begging for a belly rub. Hysterical. The session went great and for the record was shot in 25 degree weather. I love shooting through all of the seasons and winter always offer a cooler color of light. Beautiful. All of that to say, don’t worry about the temperature dictating when you can book a photography session! We book year-round.

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

Dog Photographer Nashville, TN Adrian Hitt

Dog Photographer Nashville, TN Adrian Hitt

And here is Jaxie relishing in one of her many tummy rubs! :)
Pet Photographer Nashville, TN Adrian Hitt

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Dog Photographer – Nashville, TN
Adrian Hitt Photography

  • Amanda said: Awesome! I can't wait to see all of them! (01.22.10 @ 5:16 pm)
  • Mitchell Fletcher said: Amanda~ Jaxie is absolutely magnificent and the two of you make amazing photos together. Much love and success to both of you. Best, Mitchell (01.22.10 @ 5:56 pm)
  • jackson said: The pictures came out really well! (01.22.10 @ 6:04 pm)
  • Niki said: Love the photos! Jaxie is so adorable :) (01.23.10 @ 12:22 am)
  • Kyle Brooks said: Very classy and cool, especially the black and white. (01.23.10 @ 3:53 am)
  • rachel said: love the lounging jaxie with her tounge so relaxed and ear seeming to be at attention! (01.23.10 @ 10:05 am)
  • Tyler said: Very awesome photos... looked like a lot of fun. (01.24.10 @ 10:49 am)
  • Mandy said: Adorable pictures! (01.24.10 @ 7:18 pm)
  • lanecia said: Well done. These are cute. (01.24.10 @ 7:37 pm)
  • Debbie said: Great shots of beautiful Amanda & Jaxie! (01.24.10 @ 7:50 pm)
  • Amanda Walls said: I love the first photo with Amanda and Jaxie inside the tube at the playground. The third photo of them on the bed is a great angle shot and I appreciate that it is in black and white. (01.24.10 @ 8:12 pm)
  • Lauren said: Adorable! They are all so cute!!! (01.24.10 @ 9:33 pm)
  • Tabitha Woodward said: Love the pics guys are precious! (01.24.10 @ 9:58 pm)
  • Madeline Woodward said: I want to have my picture made with my dogs!! (01.24.10 @ 9:58 pm)
  • TabithaWoodward said: Love the pics Amanda! You two are precious! (01.24.10 @ 10:00 pm)
  • Doug said: Great photos. The photographer is talented! (01.25.10 @ 7:32 am)
  • Morgan Dougherty said: very cute! i hope to see all the pictures! (01.25.10 @ 9:32 am)
  • Melissa said: Great pictures!! You are both very photogenic., (01.25.10 @ 4:33 pm)
  • Duval Carolyn said: Has to be the cutes dog in Nashville with the cutes parents (01.25.10 @ 6:47 pm)
  • H.D. said: Great subjects to work with - good lookin' dog and a good lookin' girl!! :-) (01.25.10 @ 7:11 pm)
  • Dianne said: What a great looking twosome. (01.25.10 @ 8:37 pm)
  • Christina said: Wow... these really are good pictues! AWESOME! (01.25.10 @ 10:01 pm)
  • Diane Harvey said: Great Pics!!!! Makes me want to take my two for pictures. They only get pics at home!!! (01.26.10 @ 5:13 am)
  • dsc said: Excellent photography. Really captures the personalities of the two!! (01.26.10 @ 7:18 am)
  • doug said: pictures of my dog would have to be done on the run! I can't catch her! (01.26.10 @ 10:46 am)
  • Guy Gilchrist said: Great, Great Photos of Amanda and Jaxie! Just tremendous. (01.27.10 @ 10:06 am)
  • kirsti said: I don't know who is cuter, Jaxie or Amanda, love the pics! (01.27.10 @ 5:56 pm)
  • Kelsey A said: wonderful photos! (03.02.10 @ 2:54 pm)

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