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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope everyone is having a great beginning of 2010! Adrian Hitt Photography started off the new year with a move to a new residential office location. It wasn’t a long distance move (right around the corner from the old house), but we are still settling into our new digs. We expect to have everything set up on Monday, including the internet, which always takes a bit to get situated!

Until then, watch out for the ice and enjoy the flurries!

Adrian, Laura, and Benny

  • Libby Mundy said: Was at Imaging USA and found the article in PPA - Would love to meet you - I live in Nashville & love photographing animals/kids/nature...Let me know if it's possible to get together....and of course your work is super... Libby (01.11.10 @ 11:41 am)

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