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Nashville Dog Photographer – Dogs to Adopt – Bonaparte’s Retreat

In yesterday’s post I shared photographs from the cover shoot with Emmylou Harris and the dogs of Bonaparte’s Retreat. As mentioned, all of those dogs are seeking adoption into their forever home. I wanted to share more about them and highlight this ever important work that Emmylou and Bonaparte’s are engaged in. 

Did you know that just in the first two months of this year, Nashville Metro Animal Control had to euthanize 949 dogs? That boggles my mind and leaves me with a heavy heart. That’s only one facility in one city. Fortunately, rescues like Bonaparte’s take in the dogs that are on “death row” at Metro. And they are committed to those dogs. They seek to find new homes with loving families. But, they can only take in so many dogs at a time. Once a dog is adopted, that frees up a space for another to join the team at Bonaparte’s Retreat. Let me introduce you to those needing homes:

Recognize this cutie? Suki’s the star of Nashville Paw’s cover this month. She is full of so much personality!

Dog Photographer

Suki loves the camera and I must say that the camera loves her! Delilah is on the right and is such a hoot to be around. She won’t let you get away until a belly rub has been given.
Dog Photographer Dog Photographer

Preacher Henry has the most soulful disposition. Every time I’m with him, I feel as though he can see right to my heart. Scooter is next and is probably my favorite. I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but how can you not fall in love with that goofy, irresistibly sweet face?

Dog Photographer Dog Photographer

Dinah is a six month old Labrador puppy full of life! Someone I just want to cuddle right up with. Gus is a gorgeous Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog who is a bit shy at first, but such a smart boy!

Dog Photographer Dog Photographer


If you are interested in any of these beautiful pups (or know someone who might be!), contact Kate at Bonaparte’s Retreat. She’s a delight and would be so happy to talk to you about an adoption. Thanks for reading!


Dog Photographer – Nashville, TN
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