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Nashville Paw – Wednesdays with Laura

Nashville Paw, Nashville TN

As many of you may know, Nashville Paw is a wonderful resource for pet owners and dog lovers in Nashville and throughout Tennessee. This bimonthly publication keeps you up to date on the latest pet-related news, resources, and events. Most importantly, Nashville Paw is dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals and they actively support animal rescue, adoption and spay/neuter efforts. Over the last year, Adrian has photographed several covers for the magazine and she is always inspired by the Nashville Paw team who are always so passionate about their work.

Although the magazine is complimentary, we want to encourage everyone to subscribe. One year (six issues) is only $24.00 and it is delivered to your door! The current issue is still available on newsstands, but as Adrian and I are experiencing, you definitely have to get to it quick — it is quite a popular item!

We are glad to announce that we have a winner of the New Year Giveaway! In 2010, Sherri’s resolution for 2010 is to walk her dogs more, which I’m sure many of us can add to our lists. According to this New York Times article, a dog is your best choice for a walking partner – most reliable and never showing signs of discouragement. So, put Fido on a leash and head outside!

On a closing note, please visit the Animal Rescue Site. When you click on the button, the website sponsors donate food and money to animal rescue organizations. You don’t have to donate anything – you just have to click!

Dog Photographer – Nashville, TN
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