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Calling All Fellow Dogs – Read this Book

This weekend, I was invited to go on a garage sale/antique-ing adventure with Adrian and Brian. I was hesitant to go, especially considering the early morning departure time and all of the squirrel action in the backyard, but to my surprise, it turned into quite an eventful day. And, to top things off, I found this amazing book that is required reading for all true dogs – definitely on my top five list of books. Written by our favorite Rex and Sparky, The Dangerous Book for Dogs, outlines all of the behaviors, actions, and characteristics that make us the wonderful species that we are and provides answers to any questions you might have about leading the fullest dog’s life. Now, be forewarned that our human friends might not agree with everything in this book, so you might want to keep it in a safe spot.

Here are some of my favorite sections, but there are plenty of interesting things that every one of you should find out.

Questions About the World: Ever wondered why there is only one dinnertime a day or what it means to be a good boy? Don’t work your brain any harder, just pick up a copy and turn to page 53.

Squirrels: I know you all probably know the difference between Fox Squirrels and Gray Squirrels, but did you know that our friends in Japan have to deal with Japanese Giant Flying Squirrels! I don’t know if I’d be up for that challenge…

Riding in a Car Also a no-brainer, but it was new information to me about what those gray lights mean. Top is “Stay”, bottom is “Come”, and middle is “Speed up and use the horn.”

Chase Dreams Have you ever had the dream when a giant squirrel dressed as a banana shows up at your door with a five-pound porterhouse but you rush past him to go after a butterfly? If so, you definitely fear commitment. Maybe it’s time you start writing your dreams down…

Training a New Human I’ve got my humans pretty trained, you may even say whipped, but for those of you who are headed to a new home or just need a little work on getting everything you need from your humans, read this section very carefully. To begin, I’ll let you in on one key fact: Spend time with them. “The key to dealing with humans is familiarity. The more familiar a human is with you, the more likely he is to accept your commands. Don’t be afraid to run up to him on occasion or follow him around. This reinforces the notion that you are a now a constant presence in his life that he needs to consider, as well as ensuring that you get more scratching.”

With that, I hope you’ll all go out and find this wonderful book. There is so much more to read about, including a laundry list of mischievous tricks.

Benny is the coolest pup you’ll meet. With a built-in radar for dog parks, impeccable treat tasting capabilities, an expansive vocabulary and strong squirrel sensors, he was a no-brainer for the writer of our dog product reviews. Being the rescue who inspired Adrian’s dog photography, expect to see a lot of him around here!

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Emily - March 8, 2010 - 3:01 pm

What a CUTE post!! Benny, you are awesome! :)

F a c e b o o k