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Remember these Australian Shepherds? Well, since our session they added their brother Petey to the family! So I returned to photograph him with both dogs as well. Look how handsome and unique he is! Such a sweet guy. When we met, all he wanted to do was love on me. Love this pup! Shelby is […]

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Kate Crafton - May 28, 2011 - 7:12 am

Sweet babies! You’re not helping my doggie fever Adrian…

Whitney Carlson - May 30, 2011 - 4:29 pm

Ok, the middle pup in the bottom photo knows your tricks- he’s not buying it! SO cute!

Adrian Hitt - May 31, 2011 - 4:15 pm

@Kate haha! I’m sure Grif would love some puppy love 😉
@Whitney HAHA! so true :)

Senior Dogs

Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well. BONNIE WILCOX This was a special session because Sam and Bailey are not only older dogs, but return clients. I hadn’t seen them or their sister in over two […]

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Dog Family – Pet photographer

Remember this Dalmatian Greyhound mix? He is actually one of four dogs in this family! They have two Boston Terriers (or Boston Terrorists as they lovingly refer to Ratchet and Suki ) and one Lab/Pit mix named Sky. This session was special because Tammy recently discovered that Solo has lung and liver cancer. Just meeting […]

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Celebrate your dog’s life

Meet Solo. He is a Greyhound/Dalmatian mix and is 13 years old. Tammy got him as a puppy while she was in Vet school. Such a special dog! Solo was recently diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. That definitely makes sessions difficult, but filled with so much more meaning. I’m so glad they wanted to […]

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Boston Terriers are Funny

Do you remember this chocolate Boston Terrier puppy? So cute, right? And so sweet as you can see below. Well, this is actually how our session began. Petey has a giant Boston Terrier stuffed dog. And he’s definitely not afraid of it! Have a great Friday. Adrian Hitt is a nationally recognized, award-winning dog photographer […]

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chris Scott - May 13, 2011 - 9:04 am

Are you kidding me?!?!? There is no possible way for this post to be any more amazing! I freaking LOVE this!!!

Southall Eden - May 13, 2011 - 9:14 am

This just made my day! SOOOO cute I can’t stand it. You do fabulous work!

Lauren - May 13, 2011 - 9:18 am

Oh my gosh! He’s hilarious!

PandaGirl101 - May 3, 2012 - 6:56 pm

I LOVE this guy!! He’s so adorable!

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