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February is National Pet Dental Month

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you have to visit the dentist. This dental campaign may remind you about your own teeth, but it is intended to inform and encourage pet owners to take your dog’s oral health seriously. Similar to humans, an unhappy set of canine teeth can cause bad breath, decrease in appetite, and just overall misery. You should use preventative measures at home – brushing and looking into healthier food and bones. One of our favorites is Greenies dental chews which offer a great tasting, nutritious bone that helps control bad breath and tartar build up.

But it is also important to visit the vet for an annual dental check-up. Fortunately, this month several vets are offering discounts on canine cleanings. I did a bit of research about dog tooth brushes, but also be sure to ask your vet for their recommendations. has a variety of dog toothbrushes, including the Bamboo Quadbrush and there is also the Easy Brush Toothbrush that only requires the dog to chew it!

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