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Got fur? Help with the Oil Spill!

If your parents are like my parents, they probably have a really fun time picking up our fur off the floor and vacuuming it off the carpet. I recently found out that they don’t have to throw that stuff away!  (I always knew my fur was valuable and shouldn’t go to waste.) A non-profit organization called Matter of Trust is calling all pet parents and salon owners to start collecting hair, or in our case, fur. They are using the fur to collect oil that has spilled into the gulf. The oil spill is such a tragedy for all of our ocean-based animal friends and this is a great way to help out! One pound of fur can soak up 1 quart of oil in just a minute. We can put our fur to good use and keep the shores clean and the wildlife safe. Be sure to tell your mom and dad to sign up and they will send you further instructions about how we can help out!

Benny is the coolest pup you’ll meet. With a built-in radar for dog parks, impeccable treat tasting capabilities, an expansive vocabulary and strong squirrel sensors, he was a no-brainer for the writer of our dog product reviews. Being the rescue who inspired Adrian’s dog photography, expect to see a lot of him around here!

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