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How about letting a pup hitch a ride with you?

I have a big spot in my heart for animal rescue efforts. I find it to be one of the most beautiful things to see all of the animal rescue networks and missions that happen all over this country. Established non-profits, groups of friends, and individuals join together in ways that go unknown to so many of us. One of these networks, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, has their headquarters right here in Nashville, but their mission is widespread with volunteers throughout several southern states as well as New England. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue stays true to their name by focusing on giant breed mixed breed dogs in need. Big Fluffy dog operates through a network of volunteers who transport and foster these gentle giants until they find their forever homes. Most of the dogs they rescue are pulled from high-kill shelters throughout the south where as they say, “Many times, a perfectly healthy dog has just three days to find a home before facing death at the end of a needle, or worse, a gas chamber.”

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of activity on their blog as well as their Facebook, especially with Great Pyrenees in need. A terrifying story about an amazing Pyr named Elijah is what really caught my eye. His story is best told by his rescuers and I encourage you to read it here. Elijah was found after he had been shot ten times and he was actually the third dog that Big Fluffy Dog took into their network that day who had suffered gunshot wounds. Taking in 3 dogs with gunshot trauma in one day?!

The stories that these animals carry with them are emotional, but rescue like Big Fluffly Dog are giving these creatures another chance to live the loved lives they deserve. Please read up on their efforts and consider helping them or other rescues by fostering or even just volunteering to transport a leg of these dogs’ journeys. It is incredible to see how strangers with a common love can join together and save lives – even just by letting a pup hitch a ride with you from point A to point B.

Cassie is the studio manager for Adrian Hitt Photography. She keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes and frequents the blog often with her tips on what’s going on in the dog world. In addition to her work here, Cassie freelances in the local music scene, volunteers with animal rescues and enjoys being outside with her pups. She lives in Nashville and is the proud parent of Jeffery, Ittey and Banjo – two rescue dogs and one awesome orange cat!

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