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We have been photographing a lot of Australian Shepherds lately! They are such fantastic dogs – loyal, smart and as you can see below, agile! They live on a small farm south of Franklin with horses, lots of land, a pool and hedgehogs to chase. These Aussies have the dog’s life!  Their dog moms, Shanna and Cheryl, are wonderful and of course crazy about their two pups.

Riley showing off his ball-catching skills. And sweet Levi, who I nicknamed Merlin because of his soulful eyes. (Or maybe because I’m currently immersed in the brilliant world of Harry Potter and it seemed fitting.:))

Adrian Hitt is a nationally recognized, award-winning dog photographer who creates modern, playful works of art. Her interest in dog photography is founded in her desire to celebrate and encourage the deep bond that develops between human and animal, parent and dog. In her free time, she photographs dogs awaiting adoption at local rescues and shelters. Her proudest moment? Spending everyday with the inspiration behind her career – Benny a charming -and perfect- black mouth cur shepherd rescue. Adrian lives in Nashville, Tennessee and travels nationwide to photograph America’s beloved pets.

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