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There is a particular shot that is requested more than any other, and I’ve been told I’m known for it. It’s one I’ve been doing for years and love the challenge of making each “repeat” of it look different from all the others. It started with a cute couple. They were my first couple session with a dog, and I remember being so excited! It was right before I decided to focus my business on dogs, and it was this session that gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with dog photography and create Adrian Hitt Dogography.

Before sessions, if I am familiar with the location, I plot out the flow of the shoot and come up with shot ideas. This was the shot I was most excited about, but almost forgot it. Fortunately, as we were leaving, I remembered and sweet little Poppy had plenty of cuteness left.

Here it is – the beginning of my dog photos with their humans’ legs. I hope you enjoy! There were so many photos that I broke this into two posts, so stay tuned for the follow up! Have a great weekend. Fall is here!

Adrian Hitt is a nationally recognized, award-winning dog photographer who creates modern, playful works of art. Her interest in dog photography is founded in her desire to celebrate and encourage the deep bond that develops between human and animal, parent and dog. In her free time, she photographs dogs awaiting adoption at local rescues and shelters. Her proudest moment? Spending everyday with the inspiration behind her career – Benny a charming -and perfect- black mouth cur shepherd rescue. Adrian lives in Nashville, Tennessee and travels nationwide to photograph America’s beloved pets.

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Lauren - September 30, 2011 - 3:19 pm

I LOVE these shots! (Especially the Basset with its backside up a step.)

adrian - October 4, 2011 - 9:54 am

Thanks so much, Lauren! Elmo the Bassett is definitely a ham :)

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