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Pet First Aid

Dogs have a way of getting themselves into the craziest situations. Most of these antics are great for a good laugh, but sometimes things go south and all of a sudden you have an emergency on your hands. So what do we as dog owners need to have on hand? What do we need to look for? When is it time to get to the vet? Pedigree recently sent out their Healthy Living email with a great article on Pet First Aid. Accidents happen year round and we all need to be prepared. A pet-specific first aid kit is essential.

Here is a great list of items to be certain to have accessible:
Gauze pads, gauze rolls, rolled cotton, and veterinary self-adhesive elastic wrap
Cotton swab sticks
Calamine lotion and petroleum jelly
Blunt-end scissors (to cut bandages or cut fur away from a wound)
Tweezers and pliers
Antibiotic cream and antiseptic solution
Extra blankets, towels, and pillows
Tube socks (for slipping over an injured paw)
Transport aids, like crates and carryalls. A child’s plastic toboggan or flat piece of board can be used to carry a larger dog.

I definitely suggest giving this article a quick read. Knowledge is power! I hope you never need to use it, but at least you now know!

Cassie is the studio manager for Adrian Hitt Photography. She keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes and frequents the blog often with her tips on what’s going on in the dog world. In addition to her work here, Cassie freelances in the local music scene, volunteers with animal rescues and enjoys being outside with her pups. She lives in Nashville and is the proud parent of Jeffery, Ittey and Banjo – two rescue dogs and one awesome orange cat!

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