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Picking Your Christmas Puppy

Imagine coming down the steps Christmas morning and finding a wiggly, furry friend under the tree. Many children and adults will be greeted by this wonderful gift this year. Christmas puppies can be a rewarding present if proper research and time are committed to the puppy from the beginning. So how do you go about adding a new family member in this busy season? Here are a few beginning steps for picking your new puppy this Christmas.

Now is the time to start researching your new furry friend. Begin by choosing a breed that will best fit your family’s activity level and personality.

  • Very active families might like a breed such as a Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Australian Shepard or even a small dog such as a Jack Russell Terrier. Breeds such as these will be willing to run for hours at a time or be happy to join in for a day trip to the lake. Be prepared to invest time and training into your active puppy.
  • A calm and laid back family might enjoy a calmer dog such as a Shih Tzu, Great Dane, or Basset Hound. These dogs, once past the puppy months, are generally happy to lounge around after their daily walk.

Once you have researched your family’s ideal breed, it is time to find him! If you are looking for a specific breed, Petfinder is the perfect place to look! You can type in your specific breed and narrow it by geographic location. The results will show various shelters and rescues that are looking to place dogs. Of course, you could also visit local shelters or rescues to see if a particular dog speaks to you. You might be surprised how many pure breeds are there! (And of course you know, we all love mixes.) Adrian Hitt Dogography offers a great dog resource page that highlights such places. And don’t forget that the Twelve Dogs of Christmas are still looking for homes – maybe yours!

Why adopt instead of purchase from a breeder? There are many reasons, but know that by adopting you not only save the life of your dog, but of another by freeing up a space for her to get off of the streets.

You have now found your puppy and have reserved it for the holidays! Go ahead and discuss with the family everyone’s individual responsibilities for the puppy once she comes home. Make sure everyone in the family has a part in feeding, training, and walking the puppy. (Remember that young children will have to be supervised in their puppy responsibilities.)

Your new dog will become a loved and cherished member of the family in no time. With proper training and care your puppy will become a loving, obedient, and loyal family companion.

Have a nice holiday season!

Katie’s Dog Training offers private, in-home training sessions so that you can experience the loyalty and companionship that a well balanced dog offers. Even though she has graduated numerous training schools, the dogs themselves tend to be her most beneficial teachers. She and her husband share their home with three wonderful dogs, Luka, Jazzy and Honey as well as a crazy cat named D’Angelo.

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