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Reversed Hip Dysplasia

I want to share with you one of my latest success stories. Meet Sassy. She is a 15 month old Rottweiler that was presented to me with a veterinary diagnosis of: “sublaxic left hip.” Her owner had hip x-rays taken to see how her hips were forming and growing. Sassy’s initial x-ray showed that her left femoral head (the ball of the end of her upper hind leg) was not sitting in the socket the way it should – this could be the beginnings of hip dysplasia. Seeking a preventative treatment, Sassy’s owner brought her to me. After two months of consistent chiropractic adjustments, we took another set of radiographs. The results were fantastic! No sign of hip dysplasia or subluxation of her hips. This is great news foR young Sassy! With no signs of hip dysplasia, she has a bright future. Additionally, as her growth plates close at 18 months she will have a very good chance of maintaining healthy hips. The key is to catch things early and react proactively.



Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic care is not only for older pets with arthritis and painful joints. It is a great way to prevent illness and injury for dogs of all ages. In Sassy’s case it has helped a young dog from possibly developing hip dysplasia.

In addition, chiropractic can also increase your pets performance. Many athletic dogs that are active in agility or other athletic events use animal chiropractic as a means of maintaining a healthy pup. But know that your dog doesn’t have to be a professional athelete to utilize animal chiropractic. If you have an active dog that exercises with you, loves to play an intense game of catch or chase after squirrels, chiropractic can be an important preventative measure to ensure that your dog maintains a healthy, active lifestyle all through their life and can age gracefully. Let me know of any questions you may have!

Through personal experience with the healing art of chiropractic care, Dr. Inman decided her career. She is now a certified animal chiropractor who believes in the importance of wellness care and alternative treatments for animals. Dr. Inman runs Richland Animal Chiropractic and is available by appointment to adjust dogs, cats, horses and all other creatures in need of assistance. She also makes house calls! Her dog Sophie is the silly, fluffy, red love of her life.

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