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Spring Dog Health Tips

It’s been a chilly week so far here in Nashville, but we know that the first warm weekend will bring lots of outdoor time for most dog lovers. Whether for work or for play, here are a few tips to make sure your pup stays in peak condition!

Check the Tag. Your dog will probably want to spend some more time outdoors in the cool spring weather. If you are going to be walking your dog on a leash or letting Fido run in the backyard, make sure their collar is on and the contact information is up to date.

Secure the Premises. Before letting your dog loose in your backyard, it’s a good idea to check the gate and fence line for holes that may have developed over the colder months and repair them. Once your dog is in the yard, those holes and broken fence areas can be a challenge your dog is happy to accept. While your furry friend will love the exercise, you could be in for a surprise workout session of your own chasing him down your street!

Guard the Greenery. The great outdoors are just as appealing for us two legged dog parents, too! But watch out for common yard elements that could cause your dog to become ill. That green grass that has been treated is now covered with pesticides and herbicides that can be poisonous for your pets. Cocoa mulch adds that robust chocolate color to the garden, but don’t forget that cocoa is very toxic to dogs. And those bulbs that are freshly planted can provide some beautiful tulips when fully grown; they are also members of the allium family, and like their family member- the onion- they are poisonous for your dog. Keep your pup away from the more manicured areas of your lawn, and keep everyone happy!

Check the Coat. As spring approaches, your dog may shed her winter coat. Regular, gentle brushing will keep the coat and skin healthy. If your pup wears a jacket or sweater during the cool months, make sure to remove these clothes after their walk. And remember to monitor your dog’s sun exposure- just like their parents, dogs can get a surprise sunburn when the weather is still cool and the sun is out!

Maintain your Medical Regimen. Ticks, fleas, and mosquitos will begin to thrive in the warmer weather. Mosquitos transmit heartworm disease, ticks can pass along lyme disease, and fleas can make your dog itchy and uncomfortable. Check with your vet on the best options to prevent these pests from disrupting your pup’s spring fun!

We hope you and your pup enjoy many lovely days together this spring!

Jessalynn is the studio manager for Adrian Hitt Photography. She coordinates smooth operations behind the scenes and updates the blog on what’s the “woof” in the dog world. A Nashville native, Jess uses her degrees in communications and entrepreneurship to support creative business. When she’s not working, she can be found with paintbrush & power tools tackling home improvement projects, trying new recipes & crafts from Pinterest, and tossing tennis balls in the backyard with the main men in her life- her husband and their rescue dogs, Waffles & Rocco. 

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