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St. Valentine’s Day – Wednesdays with Laura

Who is Saint Valentine? I, for one, looked to wikipedia for an answer and learned that the name is derived from valens (worthy) and that there was actually a Saint Valentine that was buried on February 14. Most people probably already knew that information, but if you have any other information to share, please do.

For me, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get crafty! I love to make cards out of the various paper scraps that litter my desk. My grandmother has always sent me a Valentine’s Day card (usually Charlie Brown-themed because that was my grandfather’s name) and it is just so pleasant to receive a card even if you don’t entirely subscribe to the holiday.

If you are looking for a great chocolate gift, check out Olive & Sinclair’s special Valentine’s Cinnamon and Chili Chocolate. If you don’t get to that in time, they are also selling chocolate bars with a special Valentine wrapper. I found some at the Turnip Truck in East Nashville and I think they are also available at Crema and The Green Wagon. If you decide to visit The Green Wagon (the Sylvan Park store is having a huge sale) check out the Grow-A-Note Valentine’s Day cards – an adorable card with a packet of seeds!

As we all know, chocolate is not for dogs. But, Pattern and Paw has a line of Valentine’s Day collars that are handcrafted right here in Nashville. And, you could also bake your dog’s favorite biscuit in the shape of heart. Go crazy!

If you are looking for a festive run this weekend, check out the Cupids Chase. On Saturday head over to Shelby Bottoms Greenway to join others (in Nashville and throughout the nation) who are running with their hearts! This national 5k run is raising funds for Community Options, Inc. (COI), a nonprofit organization that develops housing and employment support for people with developmental disabilities. You can register online or the morning of the race.

Enjoy the weekend. Stay warm!

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