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Thanksgiving Safety For Your Dog

We’re sure you have a lot to be thankful for this year – like your dog, for instance! But be mindful when making your Thanksgiving dinner that your pup isn’t sneaking food off the counter tops. While a little boneless white turkey meat can be a great treat (especially if stuffed inside a Kong toy), other Thanksgiving ingredients like onions and herbs aren’t such safe bets.

Onions for instance are toxic and can lead to a rare type of anemia in dogs, while sage can effect a dog’s central nervous system. To be fair, most dogs will probably go after turkey scraps before trying to steal onions, but if you’ve got a furry best friend who likes to lick the holiday plates clean while no one is looking, be mindful.

Of course, never give your dog turkey bones to chew on. Dogs can choke on the bones or the bones can splinter off in their system causing internal damage. Dark turkey meat is also especially bad for dogs and can make them seriously ill.

Lastly, after everyone has emptied their plates into the garbage, make sure trash bags are immediately disposed of or out of reach. Even the most well behaved dog may have a hard time resisting the smell of tossed out turkey.

Love up on Fido this Thanksgiving and be safe! We wish you a wonderful day surrounded by those you love.

Caitlin is the studio manager for Adrian Hitt Photography. She keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes and frequents the blog with tips on what’s going on in the dog world. A recent graduate of Elon University, Caitlin holds degrees in both digital art and professional writing and rhetoric. In her spare time, she pens fiction novels, eats too many Twizzlers and sneaks down to the local animal shelter to snuggle with the all the playful dogs and puppies looking for a forever home.

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