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Tongue Teasers – Dog Treats

Today was a good day…no, a great day. This afternoon my mom decided to cook something. It seemed a bit too early for their dinner, but she was using some of the usual ingredients – vegetables, rice, cheese – you know, human food. I decided to go upstairs to relax on my super comfy green couch to avoid being tempted by the food – it is just so hard sometimes. Anyway, I guess I dozed off because about 15 minutes later I was woken up by a delicious smell. I ran downstairs and to my surprise I was greeted by a warm treat right out of the oven – strange indeed. The smell was very indicative of the taste – fresh vegetables, a hint of egg, cheese and even a bit of applesauce all wrapped up into one warm, soft cookie. And, they say it’s healthy for us so you better behave and maybe your mom might bake you one too. What a T-R-E-A-T! (Like we don’t know what it means when they spell things out…)

And, thanks to Kat at See Spot Eat – please keep sharing these wonderful dog recipes like these Tongue Teasers.

Benny is the coolest pup you’ll meet. With a built-in radar for dog parks, impeccable treat tasting capabilities, an expansive vocabulary and strong squirrel sensors, he was a no-brainer for the writer of our dog product reviews. Being the rescue who inspired Adrian’s dog photography, expect to see a lot of him around here!

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