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Thankful for Senior Dogs

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.


November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month. I love senior animals. I love their wisdom, reassuring eyes, grey muzzles, and their sighs of appreciation and memories of the good stuff in life. I find few things better in life than being able to honor these wise creatures through their final years with a comfortable bed, a belly full of good food, meaningful hugs and a “Thank You” each day for their love and loyalty.

Often, senior pets are overlooked in shelters and rescue programs as people go straight to the puppies and kittens. Every animal is deserving of a loving home and each one has a story and many lessons to share with us.  The ASPCA has come up with a great list:  Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog. This Thanksgiving and holiday season, think about giving the gift of love and a warm home to one of the many senior pets in need. I think you will find that your new family member is truly the one giving you the gift.:)

In celebration of Senior Pets, The Farm at Natchez Trace, continues their monthly lecture series this Sunday, November 21st at 2pm with “Your Senior Pet.” This seminar, led by Dr. Laura Pfeffer of Little House Animal Hospital, will focus on health issues and concerns affecting senior pets, enhancing their quality of life, and great insight on nutrition, preventative care, and fun ways to enjoy their golden years together. The lecture is free and open to the public, but due to limited space reservations are requested. Get more information here.

Cassie is the studio manager for Adrian Hitt Photography. She keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes and frequents the blog often with her tips on what’s going on in the dog world. In addition to her work here, Cassie freelances in the local music scene, volunteers with animal rescues and enjoys being outside with her pups. She lives in Nashville and is the proud parent of Jeffery, Ittey and Banjo – two rescue dogs and one awesome orange cat!

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